Wills and Trusts | Why having a Will is so important

Wills and Trusts


The importance of seniors having a will


Often people overlook the importance of a will and assume it is some they will do when they get

older and retire but unfortunately if you have a fatal accident it could be too late and then what

happens? This is known as interstate which is when someone dies without making a will or

bequeathing the property to anyone. This means the state take control of the property. If you don’t

want this to happen and you want to sell your property after you pass and give the money to family

members or a friends you can listen this in a will and then even request who will oversee the sale of

the property like us at Jory Blake.


This is not an unusual request as a this means you and sell your property and then divide it among

those you wish to bequeath, and all you have to do is speak to your lawyer to arrange this. On the

topic of wills we have sound some very odd and bizarre wills left behind by the rich and house for

their last wishes and how they wanted their estate distributed after they passed.


The Strangest Wills Ever


Various legendary figures have left bizarre wills behind for their friends and loved ones. Whilst not

all of them seem to have been produced sincerely, a great deal of these wills have contained certain

odd, bizarre and impractical requests. Some of these wills have been honoured, whilst others have

been challenged after being deemed unfair or unreasonable. Let’s take a look at some of history’s

strangest, most unworkable and outrageous wills.


Challenging a Request


A number of high-profile wills have been ignored after being branded ridiculous or unacceptable.

Some have even been scrapped before their authors passed away. The Roman poet expressed his

wish for his most well-known work Aenied to be destroyed after he died due to being unfinished.

People close to him begged him to remove this request from his will and it later became one of the

most cherished and important works in the history of poetry. Meanwhile, Charles Dickens didn’t

want his passing to be marked with a big event, but this was ignored, with his funeral being amongst

the most high-profile markings of a death ever. The event attracted thousands of mourners even

though he asked for details about it to go unpublicized.


Catering for Reincarnation


Some wills have been honoured despite being outrageous. Businessman John Bowman was a faithful

believer in reincarnation and asked for his home to be maintained with money he left behind so that

it would be in a suitable condition when he and his family returned, also requesting that a meal be

cooked every day on the off-chance that they would come back feeling hungry. His wishes were

honoured until the trust ran out of money in 1950. Playwright and founder of the London Scholl of

Economics George Bernard Shaw wanted some of his funds to be used to create a brand new

alphabet before this was deemed impractical. It was instead used for other cultural ventures.


Making a Statement


Fredric J. Baur asked for his a part of his body to buried in a tube of Pringles, the snack that he

invented. Napoleon wanted his hair to be shared and distributed amongst his friends and family.

Houdini was sceptical about the afterlife so told his wife to hold a séance every Halloween. He said

that if he was able to visit her, he would do so on October 31st. He never did resurface. Benjamin

Franklin loathed the concept of jewelery, branding it ‘expensive, vain and useless’. He put a clause

in his will to prevent his daughter from removing the jewels from a painting he had left behind.

Womanless Libraries


The attorney T M Zink was no lover of women. He instructed those taking care of his estate to put

aside $50,000 aside to create a womanless library. He predicted that enough money would be

available after 75 years of interest for his dreams to become a reality. Although he expected the

money to have grown to a figure of $3 million after this period, his family challenged his wishes

successfully. When a request from a will is contested it goes to a probate lawyer. Probate solicitors

will look at and will and its requests and weather they are made in a clear state of mind and if they

full understood they consequences. Probate solicitors like Thomson Snell and Passmore from

Tunbridge Well in Kent and Dartford in Thames Gateway in the UK are experts in probate and may

be able to assist you.