Do I need a Realtor to Sell my Home in Norco, Corona, Riverside?

By: Jory Blake

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Confused on whether or not you need to hire a realtor to help sell your home? You might ask yourself: Are the fees really worth it? Will it really help my house sell faster?

The answer to these questions is, yes! If you’re considering selling your home, here’s a story that might help you make up your mind and realize more often times than not, hiring a real estate agent is well worth it.

We met with an elderly woman who wanted to sell her Riverside rental home in order  to  help her daughter with the fees associated with going back to college and paying  tuition. Her daughter had always dreamt of going to school, but could not afford it. As    a  loving mother, she wanted to help make her daughters dreams come true, and we  were so happy to help make that happen by selling her investment property for  maximum  value.

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This image is of the actual home we sold.

She had spoken to a neighbor, (who happened to be a skilled real estate investor), about selling her rental property. This investor immediately offered $80,000 in order to keep it off the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Considering the property needed major restoration, it seemed like an acceptable offer, but the woman did not settle on the price because she had a hunch she could earn more. Later that week she contacted us.

Together we decided to list the property at $99,000 and received multiple offers within the first few days. With our help the property sold in 10 days for $108,000 ($9,000 more than the asking price)! The realty fees only added up to $6,480, making the seller over

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This story is a great testament to the importance of realtor. Although there are fees assessed with a professional, hiring one will guarantee you more money than you would get listing it alone and it ensures that your house will sell fast. Don’t be tricked into a low selling price, hire a professional to help you get the most value for your home!


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